Panel Discussion: Digital Innovation and Oilfield Data: Data Science, AI and Disruptive Technologies for Upstream Transformation

Our panelists will explore strategies for applying cutting-edge technologies and digital workflows to create lasting value and sustainable ROIs, whilst tackling the ever-evolving industry challenges of soaring operational costs, escalating environmental concerns, ongoing generational transition, and dynamic market uncertainty.


·        Where do we see the biggest opportunities to leverage disruptive technology and how can we take advantage of the accelerating innovation curve?

·        Integrating and applying AI to real-world applications to generate genuine value: How will this affect our existing workflows, processes, and stakeholders?

·        Critical importance of data architecture and standards: Streamlining enterprise data acquisition and storage

·        How can technology act as a catalyst to drive decarbonization, reduce environmental impacts and enhance sustainability across our organizations?

·        Balancing Adoption, Innovation, and Investment: Maintaining momentum for digital transition whilst managing existing commitments and stakeholder expectations