Panel Discussion: Exploring the Industrial Metaverse: How will Immersive Technologies, Digital Twins, Connected Worker Solutions and Associated Digital Tools Reshape Organizations and our Workforces of the Future?

This discussion will explore the growing drive towards embracing disruptive technology, and how getting ahead of the evolutionary technology curve is critical for development and optimization of heavy industry assets, processes, and workforces. Our panelists will consider the potential opportunities on offer, identify common pitfalls, and define steps required to increase user-adoption to successfully accelerate change at scale.• How can we best prepare for our organizations and stakeholders to embrace mixed realities?
• What does this transformation mean for the future of heavy industries, and where could the technology take us?
• Identifying and overcoming common barriers, and challenges faced when introducing disruptive and emerging technologies
• Increasing user adoption: The importance of identifying digital champions and converting opinion leaders to drive accelerated transition
• Exploring strategies to drive continuous adaptation and digital innovation, to unlock additional business value