Ama O Sarpong

Ama O. Sarpong is a leader and communicator in the energy and sustainability industry, with a focus on how West African Nations can maximize their energy resources aligned with UN SDG’s.

She is an Exploration Team Leader, where she works with dynamic teams to explore oil & gas resources. Her work has contributed to the successful discoveries of hydrocarbon reserves in the subregion. As a skilled communicator, she has expertise in building and managing relationships with energy stakeholders to ensure the successful execution of projects.

She has an MBA in Energy and Sustainability from the University of Cumbria, United Kingdom, where she has extensively researched the sector’s transition towards low carbon emissions, the underlining business case, and emerging skills gaps.

Ama is passionate about empowering women in the energy sector through interdisciplinary networking, advocacy and mentoring to promote the participation of women in the energy sector and a just energy transition.

She is the co-founder of Energy Career Blueprint(ECB), an initiative that assists young professionals, particularly women to navigate careers in the energy and sustainability industry.