Gino Valverde

Gino Valverde is the founder of Ganas Consulting, an advisory practice specializing in business transformation services.  He brings over twenty years of experience in the assessment, design, transition, and management of corporate service teams and their processes, including 14-years in the outsourcing industry where he built and led a variety of teams across the U.S, England, India, and the Philippines.  He currently resides in Houston, Texas, USA where, since 2012, he has managed numerous corporate transactions in the Oil & Gas industry and, most recently, where he served as COO / CFO and Head of ESG Product Development for Blockchain for Energy; a consortium of Energy companies developing and deploying blockchain technologies.

Gino holds a BS in Industrial Labor Relations from Cornell University and is fluent in English and Spanish.  He is passionate about growing business ecosystems, sustainability, and decentralized technologies.  Personally, he enjoys basketball, soccer, and reading.