Paul Gould

Throughout his over 30 year career, working for companies such as Nalco, Solvay and now Clariant, Paul has been responsible for designing and implementing complete industrial automation systems all over the global.
Specializing in systems that use chemicals to optimize the performance of continuous processes in Oil Production, Mining and Water Treatment, Paul’s expertize includes: Edge devices, SCADA and Networking as well as leveraging Predictive Analytics and Expert Systems to create unique market offerings such as OPTICUS®, FLOTATION MATRIX 100™, 3D Trasar® and VERITRAX™.

For the last 3 years, Paul has been the Global Head of Digital Strategy for Clariant, where he manages the development and deployment of IIoT and Big Data solutions, for the Oil, Refinery and Mining Business Lines, focusing on realizing the significant benefits that these new technologies can offer.