Cimarron Energy

Cimarron Energy Inc. (“Cimarron”) is a leading manufacturer of engineered production, process, and environmental equipment for the upstream and midstream energy industries.  As a long-standing industry supplier with national market reach, Cimarron brings decades of engineering, design, manufacturing and service experience to its customers with product capabilities including:  separation, treating, conditioning, and environmental compliance.  As a process systems specialist, Cimarron ensures its customers prepare and transport oil and natural gas for end use, while treating and disposing of water and vapor by-products in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner.

Since its founding in the mid-1970’s in Oklahoma, the company’s product offering has expanded from production separators, treaters, sand separators, and direct-fired equipment to include enclosed gas production units and the largest production line of EPA-certified (“Quad-O”) enclosed combustors for the incineration of fugitive vapor.  In early 2016, Cimarron acquired substantially all of the assets of Diverse Energy Systems, greatly expanding its engineering and design expertise as well as the addition of two large manufacturing facilities in Katy, TX, and Grafton, ND.

Cimarron offers its customers timely availability of reliable solutions with ease of use.  Products are designed according to ASME code and manufactured at its ASME code production facilities.  The company also offers ongoing service and support through its own field service personnel and certain strategic third-party partners.