Crux OCM

Crux OCM enables businesses to autonomously execute flow rate transitions and facility re-starts on their midstream assets up to 40% faster than currently possible, increasing the reliability, flexibility and volumetric throughput compared to current operation. We have proven with validated simulated results that our proprietary software utilizing AI, machine learning in combination with traditional advanced control technologies can achieve a volumetric increase of 4% by executing the control room operators commands simultaneously, correctly sequenced and significantly faster.

The Crux OCM team brings over 100 years of midstream and pipeline industry experience, hands on control room operating experience, and multiple publications in pipeline process control. The Crux team has just completed the first ever Techstars Energy Accelerator Program in partnership with Equinor, Kongsberg, and McKinsey and is in the GE Zone Start-ups program in Calgary, Canada.

Click here to see Crux OCM’s Techstars Energy Demo Day presentation: