ENGAGE is a digital field management platform that is revolutionizing the way oil and gas companies interact with service providers.  The platform interfaces with both operators and vendors, allowing complete transparency for all sides. Engage is the industry preferred solution to digitizing the oilfield and works with all service types in any operation.

As a company, ENGAGE is the perfect blend of industry experts along with established professionals in forward thinking technology. The solution digitally mirrors intricate workflows in the field, making it easy to adopt, while keeping a big picture, data driven approach that is paramount from an executive perspective.

By integrating with other software, ENGAGE can preload pertinent information, predictively schedule repeatable services and streamline ticket information into accounting systems. Leveraging robust modeling tools, the solution creates unprecedented data analytics in real-time.  The data collected through the digital ticketing process is pertinent for new technologies such as blockchain and dynamic smart contracts to operate seamlessly.

The product is already disrupting the market, in many cases changing the way contracts are negotiated between operators and vendors. After realizing successful results, Engage clients are moving to rapidly expand the solution to other active basins. Case studies show a dramatic reduction in costs and increased productivity, all while saving precious time for clients.