Founded in 1994, Haimo Technologies is a leading solutions provider in the field of Multiphase Flow Metering and Production Testing, offering our valued onshore and offshore clients a comprehensive portfolio of multiphase meters. With the launch of our LiveFlo multiphase flow meter product line in the US, we provide enhanced, state of the art and cost-effective solutions for production internal allocation, CPF consolidation and real-time 4-phase flow monitoring (sand, oil, water and gas) and assurance from drill out to the end of the well life. The Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) of LiveFlo is also built for seamlessly integrating with the extensive automation / IoT system to provide an integrated platform for production optimization, flow assurance and operation evaluations, which gathers data from various onsite sensors and can be widely used in multiple oil and gas upstream applications.


Web address: www.goliveflo.com