Kelvin enables Oil & Gas companies to bring the best problem solving and decision making from your best engineers, all day every day, across your operations. Kelvin Intelligent Control Software (KICS) does this by empowering automation engineers, domain experts, data scientists and asset owners to easily work together and bring out the best in one another. Together we maximize their operating performance through Collaborative Control.

Kelvin provides a simple and intuitive interface to easily leverage the power of AI and RPA to automate insights and repetitive manual processes into scalable control applications. These applications can be easily deployed and managed across 1000s of assets. The result: Maximum process performance and an empowered workforce that can focus on solving root cause issues, not fire-fighting their effects.

Established in 2013, our team of automation engineers, domain experts, data scientists and software developers have focused on building software that empowers and upskills engineers. Schneider Electric, Halliburton and Santos rely on Kelvin to provide an end-to-end solution to Connect, Create and Scale control applications across their operations. With Kelvin, they are able to simplify control of complex systems and realize the full potential of their teams. This is the power of Collaborative Control from Kelvin.