Lavoro Technologies

Lavoro Technologies is a leading provider of process automation and work process automation software for the oil & gas industry. We recognize that companies of all sizes must rely increasingly more on digitalization and analytics to bolster operational efficiency and unleash unparalleled productivity. We help you maximize oilfield productivity with our advanced solutions to optimize production, find asset efficiencies and assure peak production recovery.

Our hardware agnostic software solutions safely optimize, operate and manage production assets in the oilfield. We provide solutions for automation, data management and data leveraged optimization of production assets. Lavoro offers full pad control, valve control, pump control, artificial lift control, data collection, auto choke, tank-based inventory data, custody transfer ticketing, data transfer to business systems, reporting and closed loop analytics on the edge. Our work process automation tools include custody transfer information management, asset tracking, reporting and tracking of personnel on the asset. Our systems integrate data from the oilfield and deliver executable information to your enterprise and back end systems.

Our strong team with in-depth oil & gas and information technology experience combined with our extended network of solution partners allows us to rapidly deploy solutions enabling E&P Operating companies to find immediate value.