Oil and gas E&P companies along with environmental consultants are constantly plagued with visibility and lack of collaboration over their projects in the field and conventional tools like spreadsheets often left people with missed deadlines, liabilities, and cost overruns. The underlying effect from the lack of effectiveness with managing field projects leads to delays in environmental cleanups and lack of operational efficiencies that could cost millions of dollars for companies in this sector. Matidor eliminates collaboration and visibility challenges by consolidating all key project information on one intuitive, map-based dashboard, with real-time updates that can be shared between multiple parties.

With Matidor, all stakeholders can drill down to a specific location with user-friendly GIS tools and key data such as budgets, tasks, and files, making it easy for non-technical users to update and share geospatial information along with critical projects details.

Our intuitive reporting provides them with peace of mind, with regular deadline reminders and notifications of critical events. Lastly, the ability to share project data and standardize workflows for vendors using our platform facilitates better decision-making and ensures that all projects result in a better environmental footprint and cleaner resource extraction. Link to promote: I am free next Friday afternoon to chat if that works for you.