OptaSense is the trusted partner for leading edge Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solutions that reduce the cost of asset ownership by optimizing operational efficiency, performance and safety. Our DAS solutions provide real-time, actionable data, dedicated expertise and global experience to multiple industries, including oil and gas, pipeline, security, transport and utilities.

The OptaSense pipeline monitoring system offers a variety of detector applications to monitor leaks, right of way and third-party interference, geohazards, theft, critical infrastructure and inline pigging devices in real time, from a single operating system. With this singular system, you eliminate unnecessary spend on redundant hardware, so you can invest in acquiring what matters most—the real-time information required for optimal pipeline management. Offering multiple detector applications, OptaSense pipeline monitoring provides the flexibility to customize a monitoring solution that satisfies the specific demands of your pipeline environment.

By combining leak detection and security monitoring into a single system, OptaSense helps you keep oil, gas and other products where they belong—in the pipe. With more than 15,000km of pipeline under contract in over 40 countries, our fiber optic monitoring solution is protecting some of the world’s most valuable assets.