TwinThread: Enabling the Next Frontier in Industrial Automation 

TwinThread empowers your process engineers & equipment operators to effortlessly transform their siloed and heterogeneous industrial data sources into intelligent actions to achieve 100% plant and equipment efficiency globally year after year. 

We solve pressing operations AND maintenance challenges in a scalable and repeatable way – better and faster than anyone else in the world.


  • Self-provisioned product = fast to implement, easy to scale, easy to evolve.
  • 100% Built in Azure.
  • Transparent tag-based pricing.
  • Scalable, automated, repeatable.
  • Built for subject-matter experts: operators and engineers.
  • Automated workflows to transform analytics into actions.
  • Leverage existing investments.
  • Extensible to Visualization Apps.

TwinThread is built from 30 years’ experience optimizing thousands of plants and millions of assets across virtually every industry. We have applied TwinThread to virtually every process type from continuous, to batch, to semi-continuous, to discrete repetitive. Where we really shine is when you need a solution that seamlessly handles multiple process types and / or multiple types of equipment. This capability comes from the diversity of experience within our team and our history of innovation in industrial software across many industries.