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Founded in 1994, Haimo Technologies is a leading solutions provider in the field of Multiphase Flow Metering and Production Testing, offering our valued onshore and offshore clients a comprehensive portfolio of multiphase meters. With the launch of our LiveFlo multiphase flow meter product line in the US, we provide enhanced, state of the art and cost-effective solutions for production internal allocation, CPF consolidation and real-time 4-phase flow monitoring (sand, oil, water and gas) and assurance from drill out to the end of the well life. The Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) of LiveFlo is also built for seamlessly integrating with the extensive automation / IoT system to provide an integrated platform for production optimization, flow assurance and operation evaluations, which gathers data from various onsite sensors and can be widely used in multiple oil and gas upstream applications.


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Vintri Technologies is a software and data integrity company specializing in providing Energy infrastructure owners with a single source of truth across their supply chain. Our vintriCORE data preparation solution has been proven on more than 55 projects across North America—ranging from section replacements to major facilities and transmission lines. Its flexibility enables each supplier and operator to leverage their existing systems while translating all disparate data and documents into a common ledger, thereby facilitating the efficient digital inspection of data for engineering, procurement, and regulatory compliance initiatives. By establishing a verified single source of truth, our clients reduce material waste and operational delays, eliminate regulatory risk, and create significant efficiencies in turnover, analytics, integrity and transfer. VintriCORE can be implemented enterprise-wide or on a per project basis.

Kelvin enables Oil & Gas companies to bring the best problem solving and decision making from your best engineers, all day every day, across your operations. Kelvin Intelligent Control Software (KICS) does this by empowering automation engineers, domain experts, data scientists and asset owners to easily work together and bring out the best in one another. Together we maximize their operating performance through Collaborative Control.

Kelvin provides a simple and intuitive interface to easily leverage the power of AI and RPA to automate insights and repetitive manual processes into scalable control applications. These applications can be easily deployed and managed across 1000s of assets. The result: Maximum process performance and an empowered workforce that can focus on solving root cause issues, not fire-fighting their effects.

Established in 2013, our team of automation engineers, domain experts, data scientists and software developers have focused on building software that empowers and upskills engineers. Schneider Electric, Halliburton and Santos rely on Kelvin to provide an end-to-end solution to Connect, Create and Scale control applications across their operations. With Kelvin, they are able to simplify control of complex systems and realize the full potential of their teams. This is the power of Collaborative Control from Kelvin.

CORYS is a leading supplier of multi-purpose dynamic simulation solutions with over 50 years of experience in the Process Industries.  CORYS provides high-fidelity, dynamic Operator Training Simulators (OTS) and Dynamic Simulation Studies to the worldwide Process Industries using our proprietary software platform Indiss Plus®. Working with major customers to deliver projects from design through operations, our solutions provide value across the project life cycle. CORYS is unique within the industry in providing programs for Console Operator Certification, by blending high-fidelity simulation with structured training exercises to develop Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) skills, which is considered a Best Practice for Operator Training.  Corys has delivered 2,600+ models in more than 60 countries for major operating companies, EPC’s and process technology licensors.

A lack of 3D content is one of the greatest barriers to digital manufacturing and supply chain transformation initiatives. Implementing a service or Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) program for legacy equipment involves a significant design and engineering effort to re-draw or reverse engineer 2D technical illustrations as the foundational step in creating 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) digital manufacturing assets. In this presentation, ZVerse President, David Craig, will discuss how an on-demand MRO program leveraging ZVerse 2D to 3D can maximize equipment up-time, extend lifetime, secure business operations, cut service program costs, and meet energy use efficiencies. OEMs and industrial enterprises can achieve an average 35-50% reduction in engineering project time to convert legacy part files for digital production and supply chain reverse logistics initiatives.


Streamline Control was founded in May of 2011, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Streamline team is a diverse mix of accomplished and skillful management consultants, solution architects and engineers with a combined 75+ years of Industrial Control System experience.

The team creates, develops, migrates, supports, and trains in areas such as communications, networking, operational data and SCADA integration.

TwinThread: Enabling the Next Frontier in Industrial Automation 

TwinThread empowers your process engineers & equipment operators to effortlessly transform their siloed and heterogeneous industrial data sources into intelligent actions to achieve 100% plant and equipment efficiency globally year after year. 

We solve pressing operations AND maintenance challenges in a scalable and repeatable way – better and faster than anyone else in the world.


  • Self-provisioned product = fast to implement, easy to scale, easy to evolve.
  • 100% Built in Azure.
  • Transparent tag-based pricing.
  • Scalable, automated, repeatable.
  • Built for subject-matter experts: operators and engineers.
  • Automated workflows to transform analytics into actions.
  • Leverage existing investments.
  • Extensible to Visualization Apps.

TwinThread is built from 30 years’ experience optimizing thousands of plants and millions of assets across virtually every industry. We have applied TwinThread to virtually every process type from continuous, to batch, to semi-continuous, to discrete repetitive. Where we really shine is when you need a solution that seamlessly handles multiple process types and / or multiple types of equipment. This capability comes from the diversity of experience within our team and our history of innovation in industrial software across many industries.

Oil and gas E&P companies along with environmental consultants are constantly plagued with visibility and lack of collaboration over their projects in the field and conventional tools like spreadsheets often left people with missed deadlines, liabilities, and cost overruns. The underlying effect from the lack of effectiveness with managing field projects leads to delays in environmental cleanups and lack of operational efficiencies that could cost millions of dollars for companies in this sector. Matidor eliminates collaboration and visibility challenges by consolidating all key project information on one intuitive, map-based dashboard, with real-time updates that can be shared between multiple parties.

With Matidor, all stakeholders can drill down to a specific location with user-friendly GIS tools and key data such as budgets, tasks, and files, making it easy for non-technical users to update and share geospatial information along with critical projects details.

Our intuitive reporting provides them with peace of mind, with regular deadline reminders and notifications of critical events. Lastly, the ability to share project data and standardize workflows for vendors using our platform facilitates better decision-making and ensures that all projects result in a better environmental footprint and cleaner resource extraction. Link to promote: I am free next Friday afternoon to chat if that works for you.

Control and reduce measurement error, C-SMART is a cloud-based or enterprise solution that continuously monitors diagnostics from flow meters, test stands, and other metrological equipment. Armed with real-time results and whole-system visibility, you can be certain your measurement equipment is working with you.

As part of the WEST family of measurement assurance companies, we draw from decades of industry experience to give you the tools and insights you need to analyze the health of your metrology infrastructure – and continuously reduce errors and improve business results.

Voovio Technologies is a leading and trusted digital solution provider in the process industries. Voovio’s Real Plant environment, accessible on any device, gives manufacturing companies the tools to solve the inherent challenges of operations, which have been exacerbated by the current pandemic. Voovio’s tools:


  • boost operator knowledge and competency, increasing equipment reliability and safety
  • enable remote collaboration for operations and maintenance, as well as provide a remote training environmentensuring continued production in crises
  • significantly reduce job qualification & onboarding time