What is the Future of Upstream Automation?

The Upstream Oil & Gas sector is evolving against a backdrop of market volatility, ongoing uncertainty, and a drive towards energy transition. Operators are relying on automation, disruptive technology, and digital tools  to reduce costs, enhance decision-making, optimize efficiency, and improve safety across exploration and production activities.

Automation, IIoT, Data-Science, AI, ML, Digital Twins and Emerging Digital Tools are proving invaluable and are enabling operators to digitally transform, optimizing assets and operations for a profitable and sustainable future.

However, integrating technology at pace and scale is complex, resource and capital-intensive, and can disrupt traditional workflows.

Secure your place alongside peers and competitors to collaboratively solve complex challenges and share insights to streamline your transformation and deliver accelerated ROI by embracing disruptive technology to digitally optimize upstream exploration and production.

Expert Upstream Automation 2023 Speakers

Attending this event will enable you to:

  • Develop, Progress and Adapt Upstream Digitalization Initiatives: Adopting intelligent automation, digital tools and disruptive technology that reduces operating costs, increases operational efficiency and optimizes workforce capabilities

  • Modernize Upstream Exploration & Production: Digitally transforming assets and processes to incorporate emerging technologies that enable accelerated data-led, decision-making for superior results and improved competitiveness

  • Prepare Workforces for Generational Change and Technology Transition: Guiding stakeholders through technology adoption and implementation, identifying the talent and resources to encourage continuous innovation which unlocks additional business value

  • Drive Cost Savings and Enhance Operational Efficiency: Creating a digitally connected ecosystem of assets to transform resource-intensive processes, improve operational transparency, enabling real-time monitoring and control with reduced human intervention

  • Manage Safety and Risk in Remote, Complex and Hazardous Environments: Incorporating digital solutions to identify, monitor and track hazards, reducing human error, mitigating risks and facilitating predictive maintenance for robust, reliable, and resilient operations

  • Expedit Environmental Compliance, Decarbonization and Energy Transition: Embracing digital tools and disruptive technology to streamline the transition towards reduced energy consumption, emissions, and waste for sustainable and compliant upstream organizations

Who You Will Meet

C-Suite Execs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Specialists, Advisors and Stakeholders specializing in:

  • Digital Transformation / Digitalization / Digital Strategy / Innovation
  • Operational Technology / Field Technology / Reservoir Technology / Emerging Technology
  • Automation / Robotics
  • Process Control / Control Systems/ Monitoring Systems / SCADA
  • Instrumentation / Measurement
  • IoT / IIoT / Devices / Platforms / Infrastructure / Connectivity / 5G
  • IT / IT Operations
  • Enterprise Architecture / Capability Architecture
  • Data Science / Analytics / AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning) / Deep Learning
  • Digital Twins / Digital Asset Intelligence / 3D Modelling / Data Simulation / Data Visualization
  • Immersive Technology / Connected Worker
  • Exploration / Production / Drilling / Completions
  • On-Shore / Off-Shore / Sub-Sea / Sub-Surface
  • Geoscience
  • Asset Assurance / Asset Optimization / Asset Management
  • Engineering / Service / Maintenance / Reliability
  • Environment, Sustainability and Governance ESG
  • Energy Transition, Decarbonization and Sustainability

2023 Sponsors

The Upstream Oil & Gas landscape is vast. New entrants are innovating rapidly.  It is therefore a prerequisite that solution providers acquire a granular understanding of Operators needs to develop those bespoke solutions surrounding digital transformation that are critical to winning new business.

Position yourself as industry experts amongst the most prominent and influential players in automation, digital twins, IIoT and more by finding out about our sponsorship opportunities.

2023 Media Partners

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“Fantastic event discussing the #futureoftech in #energy yesterday, especially the opening presentation highlighting how #blockchain can make intercompany scope 3 #esgreporting easier. Looking forward to the next AMG World event”

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