Krishna Bayanna

Krishna Bayanna is an entrepreneur, CEO/CTO of MDxBlocks, Multi Parties and Cloud Agnostic Systems Architect of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for Oil & Gas and Healthcare & Pharma Industries. Founder of “Akshara The School(India)”. Krishna has 23+ years in IT and he is the Visionary of the Unified Blockchain Carbon Platform to achieve Net Zero Targets and streamlined ESG Reporting across the Energy Supply Chain to help Organizations, Investors, Boards, Banks, Insurers, Societies, and Employees easily comply with the government-mandated Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) using DI-DARQ. He authorized the architecture of NFT solutions developed on Ethereum to create real value for true artists and their efforts. He is currently supporting the Oil and Gas Consortium initiative and has donated DLT Framework and – a Pandemic Management Solution to Healthcare Alliance and NGOs.