ACI Services / Process Innovations

ACI Services and Process Innovations are simplifying performance management for reciprocating compressors. Their new PI System plugin features eRCM technology, OEM-specific methods, near real-time monitoring, and alerting within PI Systems.

Designed for oil refineries, natural gas companies, chemical plants, and oil processing and delivery companies, the plugin combines ACI’s eRCM reciprocator modeling with Process Innovations’ ProcessPlugin software to identify trends, usage patterns, and choke points, forecast maintenance needs, and clearly highlight unsafe usage patterns. It includes OEM-specific methodologies, tables, curves, 3D plot generation, and safety limitations for major manufacturers.

Process Innovations

Process Innovations is a leading provider of consulting services and software for advanced data analytics, visualization, and integration for the OSIsoft PI System. More than 120 energy companies, water treatment plants, manufacturers, and other industrial facilities rely on our experts and software to optimize analytics from their IoT and other monitoring systems. We provide automated reporting, PI system data distribution, asset-based reliability tracking, and condition-based maintenance information with our expertly developed processes, PI plugins, and software tools.

ACI Services

ACI Services, Inc. provides manufactured products, engineered solutions and performance software for reciprocating compressors. ACI’s eRCM Software™ is the backbone of many commercial and OEM software packages for modeling reciprocating compressors, as well as being used in edge computing devices and PLCs, hydraulic pipeline simulation software, real-time monitoring systems, and Big Data Analytical systems.