Ryan Jarvis

Ryan Jarvis, currently the Subsurface Data Strategy Advisor for ExxonMobil, has worked in the energy industry over the past 20 years – half as a computational scientist, and the other half as a geoscientist.

He has worked frontier exploration and new opportunities for Brazil, South America, and the Gulf of Mexico. He also led ExxonMobil’s frontier research program and stewarded several research consortiums with universities across the globe. In his current role, he has given talks and sat on panels at many industry conferences such as IMAGE, Energy in Data, and OSDU events inspiring and motivating hundreds across the industry to work together and collaborate on how we can radically modernize subsurface data for key business workflows, optimize the data supply chain, and accelerate the adoption of industry standards. Throughout his career, Ryan has strongly advocated process automation and received several awards automating key workflows for ExxonMobil. Since 2020, Ryan has been an active member of the Open Group and is currently contributing to OSDU data definitions. He has been a huge advocate for operationalizing trusted data (technical assurance) and establishing data governance roles in the OSDU data platform. He actively leads the Business Decisions workgroup standardizing how we tie data to business decisions enabling the future of how we work with our data.