Tony Kateryniuk

Tony Kateryniuk is a seasoned leader in the engineering and technology management fields, with over two decades of experience creating value and driving success in complex, technical environments. Currently serving as the Director of Data and Systems Strategy at Enbridge Pipelines, Tony has demonstrated a significant ability to lead teams towards achieving innovative results in infrastructure planning and information management. His career spans significant roles, including Senior Manager of LP Engineering Information Management and Manager of Quality and Training Services, where he has consistently leveraged his expertise in manufacturing, project management, and technology to elevate organizational performance.


An ardent believer in the power of pragmatic leadership, Tony’s approach centers around fostering an environment where individuals can surpass their own expectations. His journey has also been marked by contributions to C-FER Technologies and Advanced Measurements Inc., where his strategic vision and technical acumen have left a lasting impact.


Tony holds an MBA from the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta, enhancing his engineering background with a solid foundation in business administration and management. He also completed a Mechanical Engineering Diploma at SIAST (Kelsey) and pursued executive coaching at Royal Roads University, underscoring his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.


On the home front, Tony’s nearly 25-year marriage adventure and guiding three future adults through life’s fast lane would give any reality show a run for its money. It’s a whirlwind of laughter, lessons, and the occasional leap of faith, proving that Tony’s real-world savvy extends far beyond the professional sphere.