Element Analytics

Element, a leading software provider in IT/OT data management, enables industrial organizations to unite their IT and operations data to produce analytical insights that drive cleaner, safer, healthier, and more profitable operations. Element Unify transforms siloed IT/OT data into contextualized, graph-based models to support diverse analytical workloads and data governance.

Our customers realize value along four key pillars:

Speed: Unify speeds project completion and therefore time to value through features such as no-code model development.

Quality: Unify drives analytic reliability by addressing the quality of the key input: data.

Governance: Unify enables model governance by eliminating difficult to maintain Python code and spreadsheets so that you can easily keep realizing value.

Scale: Unify helps you magnify your impact across use cases and domains by allowing you to build on existing work and not have to start afresh every time.

Element’s customers represent over $250 billion in revenue, $230 billion in fixed assets and 450,000 employees. Element Unify is available on the AWS Marketplace and the Azure Marketplace. You can also easily try Unify for Free. To learn more about Element, please visit elementanalytics.com and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.