Hyde Park West Telecommunications

Hyde Park West TelecommunicationsTM (HPWT), a Utah/Alaska/Arizona-based company and Managed Service Provider, delivers continuous, secure, quality, and high connectivity communications for rural, remote, mountainous, and inaccessible areas. Facilitating a streamlined link between Oil & Gas assets, devices, and workforce operatives.

Accomplished through HPWT’s pre-configured HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, that are adapted specifically to meet upstream, midstream, and downstream needs. Offering tailored compatibility for pre-existing, or required IT components, including IoT sensors, wearables, fog, edge, and cloud computing systems.

The HOO-nahTM device is portable, mobile, deployed, and extensively tested for successful last/mid-mile performance throughout rural Alaska, Utah, Colorado Mountains, Texas, and multiple states. HOO-nahTM dynamically switches between cell providers and when required utilizes satellite connectivity; it can be used for voice calls, text, email, video teleconferencing, data transfer, and streaming.

HPWT’s multi-patented (US, Europe, and Australia), solutions deliver enhanced connectivity for mission critical, emergent, and operational situations within remote, rural, and inaccessible areas. Applications for Oil & Gas include enhancing occupational safety, enabling equipment and asset monitoring, optimizing communications for day-to-day operations and troubleshooting, alongside virtual enterprise supervision and training. Contributing to improved business, and process efficiency for direct cost savings, and higher overall profitability.