Wazoku helps organizations solve the problems that are currently holding them back and develop opportunities for future growth, simultaneously. Our Innovation_360 Operating System is a single, scalable platform that cuts the cost of paying for numerous bespoke solutions. Wazoku allows everyone to work smarter, not harder.

Through industry-leading software, services, and best practice, we equip businesses with everything they need for:

  • A single view on innovation, ensuring greater alignment to business priorities and wider goals
  • Cost and risk reduction
  • Accelerating from idea to impact
  • Creating connections across a focused innovation network enabling greater collaboration and co-creation

Sustainability is a main innovation focus for most businesses around the world. In the last year, Wazoku has earned a B Corp™ Certification, continuing our commitment towards a goal of Net Zero by 2030, as well as solving sustainability-focused open innovation Challenges for organizations including Enel, A2A, and ICL.

Maximizing your innovation potential with Wazoku gives your organization a direct route to success, especially during economic uncertainty. A shifting business landscape necessitates action and Wazoku supports your ability to make this action a reality, allowing you to change the world, one idea at a time.