Control Soft Inc

Since 1985, ControlSoft has been advising industrial operating companies on how to optimize plant performance with existing assets through improvements in their process control. Widely recognized for our business success and technological advancements, ControlSoft provides a range of process control services, including: tuning PID controllers, deploying our Control Loop Performance Monitoring System, using Data Analytics to troubleshoot plant-specific process control issues, designing and commissioning advanced model-based control strategies, and instructor-led and web-based training.

ControlSoft application engineers have extensive field experience in industrial process control. Skilled at using standard and advanced controls to stabilize and optimize industrial processes, their capabilities are enhanced using our proprietary diagnostic and analysis software. Whether it be by increasing plant throughput and product yields, reducing off spec product and waste, minimizing energy, and/or improving operator efficiency, ControlSoft engineers will optimize your plant’s performance while stabilizing and improving the safety of your operations.