SkyX is a Canadian company that designs, builds and programs autonomous vehicles for the purpose of data acquisition and analysis. The firm specializes in efficiently monitoring long-range assets such as oil and gas pipelines, and rapidly transforming that data into meaningful and actionable reports.

The company’s first product is SkyOne, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) that takes off like a helicopter but flies like an airplane. It can be equipped with a variety of mission-specific sensors and – through the use of remote charging stations – can take on missions that last hundreds or even thousands of kilometres.

SkyX operates on a Service-as-a-Solution model, leasing its autonomous vehicles and remote “xStations” to clients. Operations are programmed and initiated by SkyX staff, meaning clients don’t need to purchase or learn how to operate our autonomous vehicles. Our custom Sky OS allows SkyX to monitor flights in real-time, and each aircraft is equipped with redundant safety features. (During a demonstration for a client in Central America, SkyX flew an autonomous mission of 102 kilometres on a single charge, with engineers monitoring the flight from 3,000 kilometres away.)

SkyX has plans to launch SkyTwo, based on an innovative UAV prototype that gained international attention at the Farnborough International Airshow in July of 2018.

SkyX is led by CEO and Founder Didi Horn, and the executive team brings over 20 years of drone aviation and over 30 years of energy industry knowledge.