Tomahawk Robotics

Tomahawk Robotics was founded to develop and deliver robotic solutions for enterprise customers that want to improve efficiency and safety in their workflows via robotic systems.  Tomahawk empowers enterprise to do so through an extensible command and control software stack. Our focus is on human in-the-loop robotic systems with upgradeable levels of autonomous “assist” features that reduce operator effort and improve execution performance.  Specifically, we are developing motion control interfaces on well-known mobile platforms (iOS, etc.) that interface with tailored robotic manipulation hardware over wireless interface(s).  Our interface combines intuitive gesture control with haptic cues (i.e. vibro-tactile feedback) and streamlined AR video feedback from the remote system.  Robotic components can be combined to work as single, dual or multi-armed systems on both fixed or mobile platforms with the architecture hooks in place to support UAS/drone control as well.  Our products will enable users to effectively manipulate their environment remotely (i.e. across a room, across the street, or around the world) through a portable controller delivering a truly immersive experience to address dull, dirty or dangerous tasks.